Indoor Outdoor Projector Gobo Moving Lights

led 80w indoor outdoor gobos projector moving lights for advertising

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Product Details

logo moving projector light


Model No.

DFL-80R / DFL-80R-WP

DFL-80W / DFL-80W-WP




Rate output



Rate voltage



Color temperature



Projection distance

within 21M

within 21M

Max image diameter



Projection effect

Switch control image rotate or static

A circle image rotating around a center static image

Gobo OD


54mm & 66mm



Projector size


Power supply size                                             145*43*32mm

Indoor outdoor available


gobo projector moving light


1.Big glass gobo 54mm outer diameter

2.Magnet gobo install system make it easier to replace

3.Rotating direction and speed adjustable 

- image static, image rotating clockwise and conterclockwise.

- slow, normal and fast.

4.Strong cooling system: internal circulating fan & external waterproof fan, make low temperature rise and low light decay



For indoor outdoor decoration, signage and advertising in warehouse, events, garage, exhibition, walking street and building wall etc.


What is a gobo?

Gobo is a template of glass that is placed inside of projector to project an image. We manufacture gobos from special coated glass and printing.

What is the lifespan of an LED?

The life expectancy of an LED light source depends on many factors, including its operating temperature. An LED chip loses luminosity over time. Even after this time, the projector still remains functional. Lifespan and luminosity of an LED drop if the operating temperature exceeds a limit. Efficient cooling therefore guarantees the reliability and brightness of a projection system.

How can a distorted image be corrected?

A distorted projection is caused by an oblique angle between the optical axis of the projector and the projection surface. If the projector cannot be positioned at right angles, it is possible to pre-distort the image on the gobo so that the result appears correctly.

What are the factors that influence the visibility of a projection?

The visibility of a projection for the human eye depends on the following factors: 

  1. Output power of the projector

  2. Ambient light intensity

  3. Distance

  4. Focal length of the lens

  5. Colour and texture of the projection surface

  6. Colour of the projection artwork.

Can I make gobos by myself?

If you have the machine and material, we think you can try.

What artwork should I provide to you?

Any editable format like AI, CDR, PSD, EPS etc., or high definition or solution JPG, PDF is ok too, pixel not less than 1200.

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