Indoor Outdoor Two Gobos Projector

led 20w indoor outdoor stwo gobos projector

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Product Details


Model No.

DFL-20W / DFL-20W-WP



Rate output


Rate voltage


Color temperature


Projection distance

within 8M

Max image diameter


Projection effect

A circle image rotating around a center static image

Gobo OD

54mm / 66mm



Projector size


Indoor Outdoor   Available



1.Coated optical system

2.Big glass gobo 54mm outer diameter

3.Projection angle adjustable 180 degree

4.Magnet gobo install system make it easier to replace



For indoor outdoor logo advertising in restaurant, tea shop, store and café etc.



What is a gobo?

A gobo is a template of glass that is placed inside of a spotlight to project an image. The gobo carries the projection motif. We manufacture gobos from special coated glass and printing.

What is the lifespan of an LED?

The life expectancy of an LED light source depends on many factors, including its operating temperature. An LED chip loses luminosity over time. Even after this time, the projector still remains functional. Lifespan and luminosity of an LED drop if the operating temperature exceeds a limit. Efficient cooling therefore guarantees the reliability and brightness of a projection system.

How to proceed an order?

Firstly, let us know your requirements or application.
Secondly, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.
Thirdly, customer confirms the invoice and make payment. 
Lastly, we arrange the production and delivery.

Can I also use slides or plastic film in gobo projectors?

Colour-printed plastic film or diapositives are not suitable for use in projectors. The substrate and the colours are not durable and will be destroyed by the energy of the light in a short time. Plastic films or slides even present a safety risk, since unsuitable material might inflame at short distance from the light source. Glass gobos can be used without risk and are permanent.

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