Indoor Ceiling Recessed Static Image Gobo Projector

led 10w Small indoor ceiling recessed gobo projector for logo, decor and signage

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Product Details


Model No.




Rate output


Rate voltage

100V/240V  12V/24V

Color temperature


Max projection distance

within 7.3M

Max image diameter


Projection effect

Single static image

Gobo OD




Projector size


                                                                Indoor use only

ceiling gobo projector.jpg

cutsom glass gobo


1.Compact aluminum alloy outer shell

2.Standard spotlights clasp mount in ceiling

3.Four-layer coated lens adjust a evenly clear image

4.Low thermal resistance & low lumens depreciation make projector long life

led 10w ceiling gobo.jpg


For indoor ceiling to floor projection, like decoration, logo and signage in shopping mall, office building,hotel, art gallery, museum, hospital etc.

recessed projector light.jpg

10w indoor projector.jpg


What is a gobo?

A gobo is a template of glass that is placed inside of a spotlight to project an image. The gobo carries the projection motif. We manufacture gobos from special coated glass and printing.

What is the lifespan of an LED?

The life expectancy of an LED light source depends on many factors, including its operating temperature. An LED chip loses luminosity over time. Even after this time, the projector still remains functional. Lifespan and luminosity of an LED drop if the operating temperature exceeds a limit. Efficient cooling therefore guarantees the reliability and brightness of a projection system.

Are projections also visible in daylight?

Outdoors, projections remain invisible in direct sunlight or when the sky is overcast. The sun is a superior light source. Daylight outperforms any artificial light. With the sun shining through windows, the situation may be different: it must be tested whether the output of a projector is sufficient or not.

How are projection templates manufactured?

We manufacture gobos according to customers' digital artwork files. The files are manually controlled and set up to meet the requirements of a high-power laser and printing. The artwork is then engraved or printed with high precision in special coated glasses.

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