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What are the factors that affect the projection image size?
- Dec 02, 2015 -

The projection distance is different for different power gobo projector light, and the maximum projection image size also different. 


1. The lens of gobo projector light.

At the same projection distance, the wider the lens is, the bigger of the projection image size we can get. 


2. The projection distance. 

With basic optical common sense, we know that the longer the projection distance is,  the bigger of the projection image size we can get. 

It is important to emphasize that in practical applications, if the projection distance is fixed, the size of projected image will not be changed by adjusting the focus length of the lens.


3. The size of glass gobo.

The main glass gobo sizes we supply is 30mm and 53mm outer diameter. We can calculate the engraved size on glass gobo for you if you tell your requirements on image size and your projection distance.

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