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Logo projector to increase revenue
- May 20, 2015 -

It is not difficult to see logo lights and advertising lights on commercial streets or in front of shops. Compared with traditional store brands, logo projection lamps can bring us different visual effects, and moving pictures are often more attractive than still pictures. Human eyes, bright colors are more eye-catching.

From a time point of view: after long-term wind, sun, rain, the general store card will fade, aging, become dilapidated; but the logo light is not the same, its color will not change with time, even if, even if It does not matter if it is placed outdoors because it is also waterproof and light and easy to move.

From a visual point of view, after an ordinary store card is properly affixed, it is always like this. If you want to change it, you can only do it again. It is a waste of time and a waste of money; the logo light will be different if you do not want this. The pattern can only be changed by replacing the pattern piece, which saves time and effort. The key is that it can cast a static image and can also cast a dynamic image, which is more eye-catching.

In terms of usage, the store door on both sides of the commercial street is only suitable for hanging in the doorway, into the store there are two monotonous walls; the logo light is not only suitable for the entrance of the store, the same applies to the store, projected on the wall a picture, give People have a sense of freshness, they will increase traffic, and traffic will bring good returns to the store.

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