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Does the projection lamp belong to lighting, advertising or industry?
- Jul 23, 2015 -

As the LOGO projection advertisement series products, the projection lamp is becoming more and more popular in the market. However, there are still a lot of people who are not particularly aware of the related properties of this product. Whether the LED logo advertisement projection lamp belongs to the lighting or the nature of the advertisement. Product?

In theory, the projection lamp product is a kind of product using the light to carry on a certain principle, so that the advertisement content is projected onto the medium for advertising. In particular, the commonly used small power projection lamps are all led beads, so many people may think it belongs to the lighting quality of the lamps and lanterns; but some people think that the investment is in the light of the lighting quality. The purpose is to advertise, so it should be regarded as the nature of advertising. In fact, because of the novelty of this product, there is no authority or only department to determine the attributes of projection lights, but the industry generally tends to be in the nature of advertising. After all, the purpose of using is to judge one product's strong standards.

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