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Application of led gobo projector lights
- Oct 13, 2015 -

Normally, we saw led gobo projector light used in supermarkets, cafes, walking streets, parks, restaurants and other places, especially at night, all kinds of color patterns, moving or still on the ground or on the wall, are very noticeable. 


Lots of us may consciously think projection light is only suitable for all kinds of shops advertisement. 

In fact, led projection light is not only used for brand publicity, but also for decoration. For example, at the wedding, it is not difficult to see the shadow of the projection, projecting a dynamic or lovely image, making it romantic; In the park, the colorful patterns make the night more beautiful; On the street,  you may see the projection on sidewalk, create a wonderful city environment.


Additionally, it has a special application, used as signage and sign light. In many clients cases, they are used as warning sign and wayfinding sign lights.

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